Thursday 13 June 2013

World of Fighters - Introducing the Fight UI

I love Street Fighter, it's been one of my most favourite games of all time. I remember playing at the arcades, actually once I spent £20 in one go trying to defeat my school friend Mewael, who was a Street Fighting god at the arcades. £20 might not seem like much nowadays, but back when I was a kid, it was about two months pocket money.

Anyway, so as we're now trying to get our easy-to-use real-time multi-platform games maker feature complete. I have the opportunity to actually make a little street fighter clone for primarily web and mobile platforms!

Introducing... World of Fighters
I've totally spaced out thinking of all the crazy cool stuff that should be done for this game, but I'm going to try to keep it as simple as possible to get started. The concept is a fighting game that's mobile first and fully MMO'd up.

You start the game, select a character to play with, then walk around an arena looking for opponents.

Once you find someone to play (either another online combatant or a pesky AI), you tap on the character, and then you'll be zoomed into fighting mode, where you get to punch and kick their faces.

Previously, I made mobile games using code only, which meant I had to imagine how things worked out in my head. However, for this game, I got to use the game maker, which meant I could design the fight UI and arena levels visually. As well as update the code I was working and in real-time see how it affected the gameplay in real-time.

So far, the intro screens in, the character select screens in, you can walk around, and once you challenge an opponent the UI shifts into fighting mode.

So next up is introducing the health bars and implementing in the fighting engine.
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  1. World of Fighters.....what a cool name and concept.