Friday 21 June 2013

World of Fighters - Handling damage over multiplayer

Little update on the progress of World of Fighters. We've now have hit and ko animations for our characters thanks to Alex of apm-designs. So when a punch and kick connects, the player taking damage can react accordingly. I put in some healthbars to show the damage taking progress, and made it so that it's all spawnable and editable using the editor.

For the combat mechanics, the first thing I'm testing out is short and long pressing on the attack buttons. The longer you hold down the more powerful your action is, however, the longer you hold down your attack button, the more you risk your opponent unleashing their attack. Will need to add in a block and attack taxing, so if a punch is blocked, you open yourself up for a counter. But yeah, this should be fun to balance out.

As requested on Twitter, there will be finishing sequences, with the kid that looks nothing like Justin Bieber currently threatening to do a sing-along head-exploding microphone performance as his manoeuvre.

Up next will be the fight sequencing. Round 1, Round 2, Fight, Finish Him, You Win, You Lose.
Watch this space.

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