Saturday 30 May 2009

Chart Stock News Activity

Ever wanted to chart the news activity for a stock? Well, now you can.

To try this feature out, simply select a stock from the right menu, then click the legend button on the top left after the stock's graph displays, then select the Scan News Activity button.

We honestly don't know how useful this feature will become, but I imagine it'll has a lot of potential.

Next, we're going to be actually displaying the news that's charted on the graph, so you can easily jump to a particular date and see the news headlines with links to the actual articles. Further ahead, we'll be including more news sources and parsing the news data to judge the bias of the author of an article and how relevant it was to the stock's movement. Watch this space.


Saturday 16 May 2009

Swiss SMI Market

Just finished updating the new market selection menus. Split the markets up into continental regions so we can fit in more markets per region. Added the Swiss SMI market into the European category.

Since we have more space, we're going to start charting a lot more markets very soon.


Wednesday 13 May 2009

Forex Trend Shift Analysis and Predictions

Going on a big drive at the moment to get more and more features in. The latest addition to the engine giving the ability to run the trend shift analysis and predictions on currency market data. We're going to be adding in some more algorithms in the near future, so watch this space. In the mean time, here's an example of it running for the Yen.

Remember, to run analysis and predictions of your own, simple click the graph legend button on the top left, then select Analyse Trend Shifts from the menu that appears.


Sunday 10 May 2009

National Stock Exchange of India Graphed

Just implemented the national stock exchange of India and the US S&P 500 markets, so you can have a play with those markets too now. Also patched a few bugs here and there mainly to do with conversion rates. Next will be to split up the different markets into regions as well as get the lastest price data pumping for the Egyptian and Indian stock markets.

Have a play.


Saturday 9 May 2009

Egyptian Stock Markets

Just finished implementing the egyptian stock markets into iGrapher. Still have to feed in the latest stock movements as they occur during the day, but all the history data is now live. Going to fix up a few bugs next before implementing the latest movement and more markets.

Have a play.


Monday 4 May 2009

Reddit love

iGrapher was recently featured on one of the posts in the programming section of Reddit and recieved a lot of community support. In fact, at the peak we recieved over 65,000 hits. One of the most highly suggested improvements was support for more markets. So that's what's currently in development. Feel free to suggest any particular markets you'd like to see added.