Thursday 10 October 2013

Playir: Real-time motion capture, PS4, Tizen & Upcoming talks

Hey guys, thanks so much for all your support, advice, pledges and help with our crowd funding campaign so far!

On Tuesday, I was at the PS4 Developer's day here in London, and man that piece of kit looks impressive! I talked to a few of the PS4 guys including their VP of R&D, and they all seemed really excited by the idea of creating games in real-time.

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Tech Demos

On the tech front, I wanted to share with you some of our experiments with the technology.
Tizen Editor
In this video we show the editor running on a Tizen device and publishing a game onto iOS and Android :D

Live motion capture 
One of our biggest ambitions is to be able to live motion capture yourself into a 3D character which can be played in a 3D multiplayer game.
In this video, we show the editor reading in RGB + depth camera input and converting it live into a 3D mesh. The tech is really early at the moment, needs more filtering, but I hope you can see the potential.

Upcoming Events

Next week (16th October), we'll be at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, giving a talk on how the architecture works along with live demos. So if you're around get in touch and I'll send you the final times.
On the 24th October, we'll be at Droidcon's Democamp. Last year we finished runner-up with our Phone Wars game, this year we'll be presenting the live publishing of a game from an Android device onto an iOS device.. hopefully :)
25th we'll be at MozFest, giving free demos and education to anyone we can grab.
30th we'll be in Mozilla's HQ in San Francisco, along with some other great startups, pitching and demoing our proposition. Please come along if you can.
7th November, we'll be at the University of Birmingham, dropping free education too.
We're also hopefully setting up a talk at a 3D design college here in London, to show students how they could easily get their artwork into a live game to help boost their portfolios when applying for jobs.
If you'd like a presentation/talk at your school/uni/event feel free to get in touch, we're more than happy to arrange something.


We're not the best marketeers in the world, so if you know anyone who would be interested in the tools and technology we're building, please let them know. If you know any press who might think this tech is cool, please let them know too.
Again, we have zero experience in writing press releases, so if anyone can help in that department. We'll love you forever too! :D
Finally, my good friend and Unity genius @ynknl, was telling me that the more comments a project gets the more likely it is to be noticed. So drop in some comments on what you'd like to do with this tech? What game would you make?

Thanks again!

Angry Pirates concept
Angry Pirates concept

Featuring LeScare: the scared pirate ghost
Featuring LeScare: the scared pirate ghost

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