Tuesday 26 November 2013

PLAYIR around the world!

PLAYIR London!
This Friday, we're going to be invading the offices of Mozilla London to host a meetup purely on the topic of Monetization, and showing a small live demo of using our tools for real-time A/B split-testing. 
On the 7th & 8th of December we'll be invading the University of East Angelia to showcase our real-time tools for making adventure games.

PLAYIR Around the World!
On November 3rd, our Rockstar Games Design Professor Dave Cooper gave a lecture on the benefits of real-time game design and development, at the Beijing Barcamp.

On September 19th, I presented a lecture on creating a multi-platform real-time game design and development platform, going over things like run-time HTML5 to native translation and a live demo, at onGameStart in Warsaw.

On November 22nd, our open-source hero Alex McIl gave a walkthrough of menu screen designs and the incorporation of in-app purchases for his upcoming flight sim game pack, at a beach in the south of Spain.

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