Saturday 11 May 2013

Disable HTC Syc Manager Autostarting

Hey guys, got the HTC One the other day, and I love the fact that you can actually use ndk-gdb without having to manually root the device!

Things I don't love however is the automatic mount and popup prompting you to install HTC Sync Manager.

To disable HTC Sync Manager auto-mounting
Launch terminal

diskutil info /Volumes/HTC\ Sync\ Manager/

Make a note of the Volume UUID.

sudo vifs

Go to the bottom of the file
tap the i key

And paste the following
UUID=YOURVOLUMEUUID none hfs rw,noauto
Replacing YOURVOLUMEUUID with the one you made a note of earlier

Hit Esc
Then type the following to save.


To disable Android File Transfer auto-starting
Instead of HTC Sync Manager, use Android File Transfer to browse files on the phone.

Android File Transfer too likes auto-starting.

To disable, go to /Applications/
Right click on Android File Manager -> Show file contents
Inside Contents/Resources
rename Android File to Android File

Go to /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Google/Android File Transfer.
rename Android File to Android File



  1. This will not work for me. I can't get the UUID, it doesn't show as a mounted drive even though I am looking at it. :(

    1. Launch the Terminal

      Unplug your device
      and type in 'ls /Volumes'

      Then plug your device in
      and run that command again.

      You should see a new result appear in the list, in my case 'HTC Sync Manager' perhaps your folder is named differently?

  2. The terminal commands didnt discover the UUID as the Sync Manager seems to close as soon as its polled.

    However I did find the UUID by opening the About this Mac and looking in Storage. All worked perfectly then.
    Thanks so much - this sync manager is really badly designed and was irritating me.

    The previous behaviour of my HTC phone was far preferable - it used to open as a USB drive, but since update it is now an MTP connection and the USB Mass Storage option is no longer available. This is whether USB logging is ticked or not.

  3. For those having problems with the UUID not being displayed: Use
    diskutil info '/Volumes/HTC Sync Manager'
    Space characters need to be escaped. That worked for me.

  4. Thanks for this, Ashraf! My OCD is at ease, now.

  5. how do i uninstall HTC sync manager

  6. Thanks! Worked for me. Gosh, that was annoying.

  7. Thank you so much for this! HTC Sync was driving me crazy. I also have Android File Transfer, but that auto-start doesn't really bother me. Thanks to the anonymous poster in June who mentioned finding the UUID under Hardware > Storage > HTC Sync Manager. I didn't have to sudo because I usually log in as root (habit from being a Linux administrator) and I always use vi, so the commands were second-nature. Thanks! It all worked great!

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