Monday 8 April 2013

Mobile & Gaming Awesome 2013

On the 3rd of April 2013, we headed to Google Campus to host an Unconference aimed at mobile and game development. With talks ranging from Test Driven Development, Unity 3D, Three.js, Node.js, MongoDB and Tizen. As well as some amazing project showcases featuring and The Realm Game.

We had a great turn out packing out the 3rd floor for a whole 3 hours. Below you'll find videos from all the talks and presentations. If you'd like to attend or present at the next session be sure to join our meetup goup:

Test Driven Development
Hasanein Khafaji (

Hasanein goes into the pros and cons (mostly pros) for using TDD in developing software.

Using Three.js & Node.js to create a 3D RTS Game
Guillaume Gouchon (

Guillaume goes through his 3 week dive into using Three.js to create a web based RTS game that allows for PvP action.

Showcase: 2D/3D/Motion/CGI Studio
Ben Kidd (

HamiltonKidd traditional produces amazing TV and Movie animations however they've recently delved into the world of Apps and Games.

Showcase: The Realm Game
Tom Szirtes (

The Realm is a visually stunning graphical adventure that will set a new benchmark for tablet gaming.

Intro to Unity 3D - Prototyping a Side Shooter Game
Yaser Al-Haidery (

Yaser goes through step by step on how to quickly setup a new Unity project that features a 3D robot shooting missiles against some basic AI.

Packaging HTML5 Apps for Tizen
Jerome Portier (

Jerome goes through step by step on how to create a new Hello World HTML5 app and package it for distribution on the Tizen platform

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  1. You guys ROCK
    Good show case of Orange Labs UK talent
    Awesome guys ....