Tuesday 7 February 2012

Creative Writing

I am very easily distracted in today's world.

Sometimes I find it hard to stay focused on one project, as I have so many ideas and so many routes to distraction.

To combat this state of mind, I've started using 'typewriter apps' for my creative writings. I have to admit, it's a really beautiful feeling, removing the clutter from my computer screen and just seeing plain text waiting for my disruption.

WriteMonkey (Windows)
The first application I tried. I loved it, the only reason why I looked for an alternatives was because I wanted a version for Mac.

JDarkRoom (Windows/Mac/Linux)
Black screen, green text. Beautiful alternative to WriteMonkey for other platforms.

Ommwriter Dana (Windows/Mac/iOS)

Not quite a blank screen with simple text on, but this one ended up being my favorite. With soft touches such as typewriter inspired sound effects when typing keys and a softly presented beautiful background and ambiance. It's truly a pleasure to use. 

If you haven't used one of these applications I suggest you give one of them a whirl.
I really hope one day, they'll make an programming IDE with such beauty and simplicity that just makes you want to program, and if they don't make one. I will.

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