Friday 1 July 2011

Freedom Square

This 4th of July the Americans won't be the only ones out in the streets with something to celebrate about..

The game that should not have been made will be available for one day and one day only.


  1. Ok. So I'm a fan of internet LULZ and such, but I just downloaded this. What the hell is it? It only has one level and then I have to buy the turbo version, but I cant connect to the store. It doesn't even tell me how much it is. Then an error message in french appears. What the fuck man?

  2. Thanks for playing the game, and sorry for the error message.. Apple still haven't approved the in-app purchase.

    In the mean time to unlock the next level, just click on the Mubarak Rage Face after completing the first level and not the Menu button on the top right.