Tuesday 17 May 2011

Music Gym

When I work out at the gym, I need my music to motivate me.

The first issue I have with the iPhone for gym music, is that whenever I want to change tracks, due to the touch screen, I'm forced to always pull the phone out of my pocket and touch the screen.

The second issue is that, whenever I switch tracks, they always start from the beginning so to keep my psyche up, I need to manually fast forward into the chorus.

To solve these issues, I put together..

(prepare to notice the awesome 3D interface)

When you go to the next track, it jumps straight into the chorus.
When you switch to 'Gym Mode', you'll be able to skip tracks by double tapping the volume buttons.

I use it at the gym now, and everyone thinks I'm on steroids because I've put on so much mass!
and that I'm on steroids. (not really).

Bonus Rage Comic


  1. Note: Skipping tracks via the volume buttons only works when you put the phone to sleep.

    *Launch the app.
    *Tap the power button.
    *Double tap volume to skip tracks.

  2. [Nuha Ha]
    ipod headfons let u skip tunes by doubleclikin volume
    I don't have headphones!
    [Nuha Ha]
    den hw do u lsn 2 ur music?
    I humm.