Friday 6 February 2009

From x to i

A few days ago, when we tried logging into the ftp account to roll out a new update, we'd got a password incorrect error. We emailed the host, but there was no reply. Then we noticed that the site was gradually being re-branded... We'd been hijacked!

The thing is, since we started this project as a self-development exercise to extend our knowledge on the financial sector. We never actually considered it branching out and becoming popular (at least so soon). But, ever since we gained recognition on the internets (mostly thanks to apple), we immediately began being targeted for a takeover.

We still saw this project as in it's infancy, and refused to consider any offers. However, our web hosting company saw otherwise. Since it had let us use it's web space and domain for free (thanks), it also meant that they owned the legal rights to it. Well, on that day, they decided to hold us for ransom.


Out with the old and in with the new? Development on this financial visualisation project will now continue on, hope you like the name, it's very apple-centric, but, I guess it works.

In our next update we'll be implementing history downloading optimisations and extending currency exchange history data.


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