Tuesday 20 January 2009

My iPhone Gesture Dilemma

Currently in Safari, if you touch the screen with more than one finger, then rotate the phone. Safari will crash in a very perverse way.

The program will still be on the screen however all javascript will not function, the status bar buttons will not function, and you will no longer be able to navigate the Internet, it'll just hang.

The only way around this state is to turn off the phone, then turn it back on.

Now the problem is, I wanted to add the zooming feature to the graphs and I wanted it to make use of the famous pinch technique. Should I disallow multi-touch gestures and use a different technique or just allow pinching in hope no one would rotate their phone?

I decided to allow pinching, but display a warning message, informing the user that if they rotated their phone, it will go boom!


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